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Full Synthetic Oil Change

Many Vehicles require synthetic oil per manufacturers specification1, but even if your car or truck can take conventional mineral oil, synthetic motor oil will help protect your engine long-term against wear.

Synthetic oils are recommended for use in harder working engines and to assist with gas mileage. While your vehicle may only require conventional oil, synthetic oil is more resistant to breaking-down in harsh winters or hot summers. The oil in your vehicle doesn't just reduce heat and friction in your engine, it also helps collect debris and dirt deposited from moving parts. As synthetic oil does not break down as easily as conventional oil, it can help prevent sludge build-up, improve gas milage, and extend the life of your engine.

1. Refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual

synthetic oil can prevent oil sludge from clogging engine parts

Replacing your car's oil with synthetic motor oil can prevent its oil filter and pump from being clogged.

dirty oil versus clean oil - synthetic oil can prevent sludge build up

Thick, dark oil on your engine's dipstick is a sign your vehicle is due for an oil change.