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7 Car Care Tools To Keep In Your Garage

It’s good to have some tools in your garage to take care of minor automotive issues that may arise with your car or truck.

Having these tools will help you to take care of your car or truck. We’ve come up with seven of the most important car care tools you should have in your garage.

Here are the seven car care tools you should keep in your garage.

1. Tire Pump: Considering most gas stations charge for air these days, it’s a good idea to have an air pump in your garage. Maintaining proper tire pressure in your vehicle is important. It improves gas mileage and driving stability.

2. Funnels: Having a few funnels in your garage will help a lot. You never know when you may have to replace fluid in your vehicle. Having a funnel around will ensure you’re not spilling coolant or oil all over the place.

3. Extra Oil and Coolant: It’s always good to keep a quart or two of oil and some coolant in your garage. You never know when your vehicle may get a leak. Having some extra coolant and oil can help you safely get the vehicle to the shop if there’s a problem.

4. Screwdrivers: Have a good screwdriver set is another necessity. Not all cars use standard screwdrivers, but a good screwdriver set can help if you need to replace a license plate or a taillight in your vehicle.

5. Battery Charger: A battery charger is another item you may want to consider purchasing. A battery charger will come in handy if your car’s battery is nearing its end. If you have a battery charger, you won’t need a car and jumper cables to get that battery going.

6. Wrenches: Every garage should have a good wrench set. This can help you take care of minor automotive issues as well as issues around the house.

7. Flashlight: Having a good flashlight is very important. Flashlights help you to inspect under your car or truck as well as the engine. They’re especially handy in helping you find sources of leaks. They’re also good to have around should you lose power in your house.

These seven items will help you take better care of your car or truck when it’s not at the shop. The next time you’re getting a Sacramento brake repair or a Tucson auto air conditioning repair, ask your mechanic what types of tools they keep in their garage.

What types of car care tools do you keep in your garage? Post your comments below.

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