12 Month Brake Service

Get A 12-Month / 12,000-Mile Brake Warranty!

A lower priced alternative to our Lifetime Brake Service. Our Value Line brake pads and shoes have warranty options for 12-months/12,000 miles. Warranty terms are whichever comes first. All labor comes with a 12-month warranty.

It is recommended to service your brakes every 25,000-50,000 miles (depending on the vehicle and braking style). Both brake pads and brake shoes can wear out, and many vehicles are equipped with both kinds of brakes. Failure to repair worn parts on disc brakes and drum brakes can lead to costly repairs down the line, so it is better to have your brakes inspected and repaired before lasting damage is done.

Our 12 month Brake Repair service will thoroughly inspect your brake system and fix or replace only what is necessary for your safety! Search our locations to find a Brake Masters nearest you to schedule an appointment or print out a coupon for our 12 month Brake Repair. We'll even accept our 12 month Brake Service coupon right from your smart phone!

Old, worn rotors can cause squealing and scraping noises when coming to a stop. Come in to Brake Masters to have your vehicle's brake system inspected!

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