Auto Belts & Hoses

Replace Your Car's Belts & Hoses at Brake Masters!

Your vehicle’s belts and hoses will dry out and crack over time. This is natural and it is important to replace them early to avoid potential vehicle breakdown. Sudden failure of a timing belt, fan belt, radiator hose - or even your air intake hose - will leave you stranded on the roadside. Brake Masters stocks most belts and can perform a quick inspection on your next visit to help protect you against roadside breakdowns and expensive repairs.

Auto Belt & Hose Replacement Services:

  • Replace old cracked belts or hoses
  • Inspect and lubricate belts, idlers and pulleys
  • Lifetime Warranty on most belts and hoses


The timing belt is a toothed, reinforced belt used to drive the camshaft via a sprocket to a crankshaft. It ensures the synchronization of the engine’s camshaft and crankshaft.

If your timing belt fails, subsequent engine damage could be extremely costly. Let Brake Masters replace your timing belt properly and keep you and your vehicle safely on the road. Check your owner’s manual to find suggested mileages for replacing your timing belt.

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