Brake Repairs

Get Your Free Brake Inspection Today!


Brake Masters offers a free brake and safety inspection on most cars and light trucks. Waiting for brake squeal, grinding noises or soft pedal can be a costly mistake. Drop by any Brake Masters for your free, no-obligation brake inspection.

Bring your car, truck, or SUV into Brake Masters for an inspection if you experience any of the following:

  • Scraping or grinding noise coming from the brakes
  • Brake pedal feels soft or spongy when pressed
  • Vehicle pulls to one side when the brakes are applied
  • Brake fluid level is low
  • Brake system Warning Lamp stays illuminated
  • Chemical or burning smell when brakes are applied
Driving with worn-out brake pads or rotors is dangerous as both increase the amount of time required to stop.
Brake Pad Replacements & Brake Shoe Replacements
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