Wheel Alignments

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Camber, Toe, Caster: you may have heard these terms before, but what they refer to is the way your tire makes contact with the road and at what angle - and all three can tell a lot about your car or truck's alignment.


Camber is the amount of tilt the entire wheel has vertically, inward or outwards, towards the hood of your car or the ground. Too much camber either way can indicate misalignment due to damaged ball-joints, bearings and other parts in your vehicle's suspension.


Toe is the degree your wheels angle away or towards the engine. One way to understand the toe of your tires is to angle your feet towards the center of your body or away. Now consider your vehicle from a birds-eye view. Tires that angle outward have a "toe-out" alignment and tires that angle inward have a "toe-in" alignment. Some vehicles are designed with a slight toe inward or outward, but too much angle either way can cause accelerated tire wear.


Caster can be difficult to inspect without taking the tire off, but one way to determine if your alignment is off is to look at the center of the wheel well, where the vehicle body frames the tire. If the center of your tire does not line up with the center of the wheel well, your vehicle most likely needs an alignment. At Brake Masters, we are experts at front end repairs and wheel alignments. Your car’s alignment, suspension and steering components should be checked regularly. Tires that wear out excessively fast or in one particular area likely need to be aligned to prevent further wear. Call your local shop today for a free inspection and estimate!
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