Shocks & Struts

Get Your Suspension Repaired at Brake Masters!

Shocks & Struts are two key components that help maintain consistent handling and braking of your vehicle. This ensures that your tires keep in contact with the road allowing your car to be well-balanced and riding smoothly. At Brake Masters auto repair we recommend shock and strut inspections to maintain those necessary cars handling characteristics. Damaged shocks and struts can cause your vehicle to handle unsafely on any road. Upon inspection, Brake Masters Auto Repair tire can repair your worn out shocks and struts, so your car will feel like new.

Shock & Strut Replacement Symptoms:

  • Excessive bouncing when in motion
  • Nose of the vehicle dipping down, more noticeable when coming to a stop
  • Vehicle swaying and leaning when turning or changing lane. Poor steering response or noisy steering
  • Car feels unstable at high speeds

How Often Should I Replace Shocks & Struts?

The time between shock and strut maintenance will vary depending on your car's make, model, and driving conditions. At Brake Masters Auto Repair we recommend that you always reference your vehicle’s owner manual for manufacturer-specific recommendations. Alternately, you can always contact a Brake Masters Auto Repair Mechanic Shop for maintenance recommendations, and we will be happy to help!
shocks struts replacement and suspension repair
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