Anti-Lock Brake Systems

Have Your ABS Checked & Serviced Today!

Most new cars, trucks and SUV's come equipped with an anti-lock brake system (ABS). Brake Master’s highly skilled technicians have the training and equipment to service and repair all ABS issues.
If your BRAKE or ABS warning light comes on, stop by any Brake Masters to have your brake system checked.

What Does the Anti-Lock Brake System Do Exactly?

The Anti-Lock Brake System in your vehicle is designed to help you maintain control of your vehicle when stopping quickly. If you've had to press hard on your brakes to stop suddenly, you've probably felt your vehicle shudder a bit while stopping. Inside the ABS, a hydraulic pump is repeatedly increasing and decreasing brake fluid to your brakes, allowing the wheels to rotate slightly for a moment before returning brake pressure. This kind of braking helps you maintain control of the vehicle while preventing your vehicle from skidding.

Why Did My ABS Light Come On?

Your car, truck or SUV's on-board diagnostic computer has detected a problem with the Anti-Lock Brake System in your vehicle. There are several reasons the ABS may have malfunctioned:
  • A Faulty Wheel Speed Sensor is a common issue in older Anti-Lock Brake Systems. Located close to the brakes, your car or truck's wheel speed sensors help ensure the wheels rotate at the same rate. Due to the high temperatures generated by the brake system, the wheel speed sensors may overheat and malfunction.
  • Damaged Wiring can cause a bad connection from the wheel speed sensor to the ABS control unit. A bad connection is most often caused by corrosion, but even rodents have been known to chew through wires under the hood.
  • Another reason for your vehicle's ABS light to come on is low battery voltage.
  • Clogged Valves in your brake line can prevent fluid from reaching the brakes, which is essential for the ABS to function properly.
Other ABS parts and mechanisms may break due to time and wear. If you see either of the two lights below on your dashboard, come in to Brake Masters to have your ABS inspected and repaired.
ABS Brake System Repairs ABS Brake Light Repairs
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