Drivetrain & Clutches

Clutch Grinding & Worn?
Get It Replaced at Brake Masters!

Not every vehicle comes with a clutch; only those with a manual transmission do. Automatic transmissions use a torque converter instead. However, if you do have a manual transmission and your clutch is worn or grinding- it's always better to replace it sooner than later - so why not rely on the professional mechanics at Brake Masters auto repair shops! For any vehicle, your drivetrain is what ultimately supplies the power to your wheels. If your are having problems with your drive or powertrain, there is no better place to get it fixed than Brake Masters. That's because Brake Masters' ASE certified technicians are highly skilled and can properly diagnose all of your vehicle’s issues, including those related to the clutch or drivetrain. When problems do occur, you can rely on us to quickly perform the necessary repairs as economically as possible; and most repairs can usually be completed the same day!
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