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Regular Maintenance & Auto Repair

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Brake Masters Auto Repair Centers are proud to provide you with an extensive range of automotive services. Our team of qualified mechanics and brake specialists are the best in the business. Our mechanics and technicians are professionally trained with the proper tools and techniques that offer superior auto repair results. If you need a mechanic who specializes in auto brakes, lube services or general auto repair, Brake Masters auto repair guarantees to have you covered.

Maintaining regular maintenance services as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer will help your car operate more efficiently, use less fuel, contribute less pollution, extend the overall lifespan, opposed to vehicles that are not maintained regularly. Although modern vehicles are designed to be more durable than those made years ago, the key to your vehicle’s longevity is regular auto services and inspections which include, maintaining fluid levels, systems, and parts.

To help keep up to date with your vehicle’s recommended services, your car’s manufacturer provides a schedule of required auto service procedures based on your current mileage. This service program is written to help you, as the owner to achieve optimum performance, longevity, and reliability of your vehicle. The service schedule typically covers the total lifespan of the vehicle inclusive of the systems and components. Brake Masters auto repair takes an honest approach to ensure that your car is running the way it should be based on manufacturer’s recommendations.

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