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The Best Car Care Products You’ve Never Heard Of

It can be difficult to find the right car care tools to make your car look great.

With so many options, many people don’t know where to begin. To help you get started, we’ve uncovered five of the best car care products that you’ve probably never heard of.

These car care products will help you keep your car or truck looking brand new. Here is the top five.

No. 1 Pink Wax: This is an ultra high gloss, clear coat safe car wax. Pink Wax dates back to 1927 using the old Liquid Lustre formula. Back in the 1980s, infomercials claimed it was acid proof and even flame proof. Whether the claims are true or not, this is perhaps the most underrated car wax on the market today.

No. 2 Real Chamois: These leather-tanned cloths are great for drying your car or truck.  Chamois are very smooth and absorbent. Best of all, they don’t leave streaks or scratches. Chamois were originally made from European Antelope. Today they are made from deer, goats or sheep.

No. 3 Clay Bars: Clay bars are great at removing contaminants that are trapped in the paint of your car or truck. Clay bars have been a trusty tool of professional car detailers for years. Most recently, they’ve made their way in to the garages of car and truck owners.

No. 4 Water Blades: This car care tool helps you gently dry your car after washing. Water blades work similar to a drying end of a window squeegee. Water blades help you remove water pellets so there is no spotting. This is a great way to start drying your car. Use the water blade and then use a chamois.

No. 5 Car Dusters: If you’re in-between car washes, a car duster is a great way to keep your car or truck looking great. Car dusters allow you to gently dust the exterior of your vehicle. These mop-like brushes allow you to brush away dirt and dust without scratching your car.

These five items will keep the exterior of your car or truck looking great. The next time you’re getting an Albuquerque car tune up or a Sacramento transmission flush, check with your mechanic to see what car care tools they use.

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