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What to do if your vehicle’s check engine light comes on:

If your vehicle’s check engine light comes on, it means that your vehicle’s internal diagnostics system has encountered a problem. When the check engine light comes on it can mean many different things depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Only a qualified repair facility like Brake Masters can determine the reason for...

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Importance Of Shocks & Struts For Your Suspension

Your vehicle’s steering and suspension system allow’s your tires to move independently of the car while all the time making sure to keep it suspended and stable. Any free motion within these systems results in deterioration and accelerated tire wear. Your vehicle’s alignment will also affect the condition of the steering systems and suspension. SUSPENSION...

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The most common season for automobile accidents is during the rainy season, or monsoon season as its referred to in the Southwest. During monsoon season, the heavy rains can significantly increase the chance of accidents. You cannot control the weather, but you can monitor and insure the safety and condition of your vehicle. The reason...


Signs You Need A New Timing Belt con’t

If you’ve owned a car or truck long enough, you’ve probably heard the mechanic say they need a new timing belt. The timing belt is a large belt inside your car or truck’s engine that allows the engine’s valves to open and close. The crankshaft in your car drives the timing belt. The crankshaft is...

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Regular Maintenance & Auto Repair

Brake Masters Auto Repair Centers are proud to provide you with an extensive range of automotive services. Our team of qualified mechanics and brake specialists are the best in the business. Our mechanics and technicians are professionally trained with the proper tools and techniques that offer superior auto repair results. If you need a mechanic...

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The 7 Most Common Auto Maintenance Problems

Your car or truck has thousands of parts that interact with each other. As we all know, over time these parts start to break down and need to be replaced. We thought it would be interesting to list some of the sources of the most common auto maintenance problems that you’ll encounter during the life...

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