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Great Items To Help Organize Your Garage

Great Items To Help Organize Your Garage
A well-organized garage can help simplify your life and will allow you find things more easily.  The key to a well-organized garage is having the right items to help.

Here is a list of a few things that will help with any garage organization project.

1) Shelves

Shelving units can turn a pile of junk in your garage into a nicely organized area.  Many shelving options exist in different heights, widths and price ranges.  Be sure that the shelves that you purchase are sturdy and durable.

2) Overhead Storage

Overhead storage, such as hooks and bins are great for storing things like bikes and ladders.  They free up space on the floor and will move items that are not regularly used out of the way.  When installing any hooks into the ceiling, be sure to do it properly to prevent injury from falling items.

3) Tool Hangers

Another great way to utilize wall space is to install a tool hanger.  This will allow you to see all of your tools at a glance and keep track of them more easily.  You can also use roller versions that have wheels and sit on the floor.

4) Cabinets

Installing cabinets in your garage will also provide handy storage.  They can be more convenient than shelving units and sometimes hold more.  If you are unsure about installing them yourself, consult a professional for help.

A combination of any or all of these things can turn a disorganized garage into a better space.  Find the combination that works best for you and see the difference it can make.

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