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How Does my Car A/C and Heater Work?

Most of us know that great feeling … you get into your car out of the heat and blast the A/C … or you jump into your car out of the freezing cold and warm up with the with the heater.  Have you ever stopped to think how it all works?  Next time you get a Tucson auto air conditioning repair ask them how it works! You might be surprised to know that they both are kept running properly using the same three important components.

  • Compressor – On the side of the car’s engine is the compressor which is responsible for compressing refrigerant and pumping it to the condenser.  The compressor intakes low pressure gas from the evaporator, and pressurizes it (which heats it) and sends it along the system.
  • Condenser & Expansion Valve – When the pressurized gas reaches the condenser it then goes through a process where the heat is removed from it and it is turned into pressurized liquid and passes to the expansion valve.  The expansion valve is what regulates how much refrigerant reaches the evaporator.  Anytime you change the temperature with the dial in your car this is what you are affecting.
  • Evaporator – This is responsible for removing heat from the cabin of your car as well as moisture from the air as it leaves the car vents.  Without it the air would feel damp and muggy, and when the liquid refrigerant reaches the evaporator it has lost the majority of its pressure and humidity.  The refrigerant travels from the evaporator back to the compressor to star its journey again, while you feel either cold or hot air blowing on you thanks to a small motor blowing it on you.

These three things are what keep you cool in the summertime and warm in the wintertime!  Next time you are going for a Santa Fe transmission flush surprise them your knowledge of how the car A/C and heaters work!

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