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How to Prepare Your Car for Colder Weather

Well the coldest season of the year is just around the corner! Are you excited?  From the Super Bowl to snowball fights a lot of great things happen during this time of the year.  Having your car break down isn’t one of them!  We went ahead and put together a few easy tips so you can make sure that your car doesn’t stop running and leave you stuck in the cold this winter!

  • Winter Check Up – The easiest way to make sure your car is ready for the season is to take it in to be looked at before the temperature starts dropping.  Right around the middle of fall is a great time to go get your: filters checkedyour fluids checked before they freeze, an El Paso oil change, and of course make sure that heater works properly!  If your car has anything wrong with it before colder temperatures hit, Old Man Winter will bring out the worst your car has to offer so get that check up before he comes to visit!
  • Battery – Car batteries can be the thing people overlook until they need a new one.  It is also something that is fairly easy to check on with a low cost battery tester that you can stick in your cigarette lighter.
  • Tires – When the temperature starts dropping, your tires will lose air pressure so make sure to check the levels before it gets really cold.  If your car has an ABS (anti-lock brakes system) make sure to get a Las Cruces brake check and ensure they work properly.  A good investment can also be some all terrain tires to handle the slick streets if you don’t already own any.
  • Car Cold Weather Kit – Many people already carry an emergency kit in their car incase something happens while they are driving.  Be sure to have an ice scraper, blankets, extra water-proof clothes, flashlights, kitty liter for traction in the snow, and a shovel if you have to dig your car free.

These are a few helpful tips to make sure your car is prepared for those cold winter months we have to look forward to! Be prepared and be safe!

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