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U.S. Winter Road Trip Destinations

Who says vacations have to happen during the summer?

Taking a winter road trip is often a lot cheaper than taking one during the summer time. That’s because gas prices are typically lower during the winter. Also, you won’t have to deal with as much traffic as you typically would during the summer time.

If you’ve never taken a winter road trip, here are some great destinations, you should consider:

Rocky Mountain States

States like Utah and Colorado are great winter road trip destinations. They get plenty of snow up in the Rocky Mountains, which makes it great for skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing. Colorado boasts more than 25 ski resorts. If you love winter sports, this is the place you want to visit.

Desert States

If you don’t like the snow, you should visit Arizona, Nevada or New Mexico. These states have warmer winters. There are great national parks and tourist destinations. You can visit the Strip in Las Vegas or you can see the Grand Canyon. If you’re thinking about seeing the Grand Canyon, it’s important to note the North Rim is closed during the winter and there’s always the chance of snow.

Southern California

Southern California is another great winter destination. You can visit San Diego or Los Angeles. There’s plenty to do. You can take the family to Disneyland in the Los Angeles area or you can go down south to the San Diego Zoo. There are also plenty of great parks to visit in California.


Texas is another excellent place to visit in the winter. There’s the Alamo and River Walk in San Antonio. You can also visit the big cities of Dallas and Houston, which have great shopping and dining. There’s also plenty of Six Flags amusement parks and a Sea World in Texas.


No matter where you decide to travel this winter, be sure your car or truck is in great working condition. Before you go on any road trips, be sure to have a Santa Fe oil change or a Sacramento car tune up.

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