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What To Do During a Car Engine Fire

A sudden car fire can be an extremely scary thing.  However, if you know what to do when it happens, you can minimize damage and injury.

Here are some things you should know in the event of a car engine fire.

1) Pull Over Immediately

The first thing that you need to do if you notice smoke or fire coming from the hood is to pull over immediately.  If this is not possible, stop your vehicle and turn on your hazard lights.  Driving a vehicle that is experiencing these kinds of problems can complicate them and possibly cause you to lose control of it.

2) Shut Off Your Vehicle and Put it In Park

Once you pull over, do not leave your vehicle running for any reason.  Fires can be made worse by running engines, which create more heat.  It should be put in park with the parking brake to ensure that it does not roll anywhere accidentally.

3) Get Away From the Vehicle

You should immediately get at least 100 feet from the vehicle once it is off and you are safely able to do so.  Burning cars can cause car parts to melt and create fumes, which can be toxic if inhaled.

4) Call 911

Notify emergency services as soon as possible.  Be sure to be able to accurately describe your location so they will be able to find you.  If it is dark, try to stand as close as possible to a light source.

5) Do Not Go Back to the Car

Trying to retrieve things from the car can cause additional injury.  When there is a fire, no one is exactly sure what will happen.  Keep that in mind and remember that everything can be replaced except people.

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