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Five Ways to Get Better Gas Mileage from Any Vehicle

1. Carry Less Weight – The more you carry, the more you are weighing down your vehicle. The added weight takes extra gas to move your car while driving. Take some time and clean out your vehicle, removing unnecessary materials that are not needed.

2. Maintain the Correct Tire Pressure – Check your tire pressure often and keep it at the recommended PSI. You can find the PSI on the tire or on the inside of your door, where the SIN number is located. You can pick up a tire gauge at any local automotive parts store for a low price.

3. Keep Your Car in Good Condition – When the time comes for maintenance work to be performed on your vehicle, do not wait. Take your vehicle in and get a quality auto tune up. Maintenance as simple as changing an air filter or performing an engine flush can greatly increase your gas mileage. If your vehicle is in good condition, it should maximize its gas mileage.

4. Watch Your Speed – You do not need to push the pedal to the metal. The more you push on the gas, the more gas you use. It is additionally not a good practice on your vehicle as well. Increasing your speed gradually is the best way to increase your gas mileage.

5. Don’t Idle – This one may be a bit obvious but if you drive less, you lose less gas. Try running all your errands at one time to avoid unnecessary ware on your vehicle and wasting gas.

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