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When Do You Need to Repair Brake Rotors

Do you remember the last time you went in for a Phoenix timing belt replacement, and they said you needed new brake rotors?  Do you remember thinking to yourself, “What are brake rotors?”

Many people think it is simply the brake pad themselves, but the brake rotor is a separate system that is a very vital part of your braking system.

Brake rotors should last the lifetime of your car unless you have been driving with worn-to-the-metal brake pads for quite some time.  Many times you will go to get your brake pads changed and the shop will tell you that you “must” get your brake rotors replaced as well.

Unless you have been driving for over 1,000 miles while hearing a loud grinding sound that usually isn’t the case.  Most people can go for an El Paso brake repair and not need to get their rotors replaced but it really is up to you if you want to spend that extra money or not.

You can tell if you really are in serious need of new brake rotors if you feel the brakes pulsating when you try to come to a stop.  This can be a sign of corrosion or deep grooves in your brake rotors which is very bad.  This means you need to take it in and immediately get the rotors replaced and not risk doing even greater damage to them.

A good rotor should be made of a grey cast iron depending on the metal compound.  Make sure they are installing brake rotors with an SAE G3000 or more because this can help prevent brake fade or warping.

Brake rotors help to ensure you get the smoothest stop possible. As long as you don’t drive with your brake pads down to the metal, they should last you the lifetime of your car.  If you do ever need to get them replaced, make sure to ask for rotors with an SAE G3000 or more so you don’t have to repair them in the future.

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