All About Flushes

Why You Need To Flush Your Vehicle’s Fluids. Fluid flushes are an essential part of properly maintaining your vehicle.

Between transmission, brake fluid and power steering flushes, it seems like vehicles are constantly in need of a fluid flush of some sort. For many people who are told they need a fluid flush, it seems as though you car is constantly thirsty for fluid or maybe that your mechanic is just making things up!

Of course, fluid flushes are real and very important part of properly maintaining your car. The fluids used in your vehicle are vital for keeping your car on the road and fully functioning for years to come.

Like an oil change which replaces old oil that has collected soot and metallic particles that can cause damage to the engine, fluid flushes involve removing the old and dirty fluids and replacing them with fresh fluid.

The fluids in your vehicle all have a different lifespan. So, you will need to consult your owner’s manual, or stop by your local Brake Masters®, for more details on when you will need to change your car’s fluids.