Factory Specified Services

To help keep your car running in “like new” condition, your owner’s manual specifies preventive maintenance services to be performed according to miles traveled and/or age of the vehicle. At Brake Masters®, we have the equipment and expertise to do these services for you.

You’ll benefit from a safer, more reliable vehicle … and you’ll enjoy big savings over what the dealership charges for the same services. The services listed below apply to most automobiles. As scheduled maintenance services vary by vehicle, it is important to check your owner’s manual for your vehicle’s recommendations.

Take good care of your vehicle with factory specified services. In return your car will take good care of you and your family.

Factory Service Specifications

Oil and Filter
every 3,000 miles

Tire Rotation
every 6,000 miles

Fuel System Fluid  Exchange
every 15,000 miles

Air Filter Replacement
every 15,000 miles

Brake Fluid Exchange
every 24,000 miles

Transmission Fluid Exchange
every 30,000 miles

Cooling System Fluid Exchange
every 30,000 miles

Replace Fuel Filter
every 30,000 miles

Replace PC Valve
every 30,000 miles

Repack Wheel Bearing
every 30,000 to 50,000 miles

Differential Service
every 50,000 miles

Replace Timing Belt
every 60,000 miles

Replace Drive Belts
every 60,000 miles

Replace Radiator Hoses
every 60,000 miles

Replace Shocks and Struts
every 60,000 to 80,000 miles